Sunday, January 18, 2015

Did You Know that Size 2T and 24 months May Be Different?

We are often asked is 2T and 24 months the same? 

At Bubblegum Divas all of our blanks run size 24 months then jump to size 3T.  Size 2T is not offered from our blank supplier, so to us they are considered to be the same. We have noticed that our 24 month tops can vary in actual size based on style.

Bubblegum Divas Tank Top Flower Power Set

Bubblegum Divas Tank Top: 
Our Tank Tops in size 24 months run long and narrow. 

Bubblegum Divas Ruffle Shirt 

 Our Ruffle Tops in 24 months run wide.   

Let's see what other Moms have to say on this topic. 
I have researched the answers from Mom's across the web.

Mom 1: In general, 24 months was the size worn from about 18 months until 24 months 2T is worn from age 2 until age 3.

Mom 2: Be careful because it depends on the brand - for instance, carter's 2T are longer than Carter's 24 months. Other brands leave more room in the seat for a diaper for 24m (i think gap does this)  and I've even seen some 24month stuff being longer/bigger than 2T within the same brand.

Mom 3: My experience is totally different, and almost always I've seen 2T to be generally bigger than 24 months.

Mom 4: With Brands that have both, Size 2T is a little bigger and/or longer. However some brands just have 24m and then jump to 3T. In that case 24m is the same as 2T. 

Bubblegum Divas Puff Sleeve Shirt 

 24 months runs true to size.  

Other Questions and Answer, I have come across.

Q: Are the baby size 24 Months and the toddler size 2T the same? And if so, why do they both exist?

A: It's a good question - and one that comes up all the time. While these two sizes are similar, they're not quite the same.

  • 24 Months tend to leave more room for a diaper.
  • 24 Months tends to be a bit shorter in length, both in tops and bottoms.
  • 2T clothing typically does not have snaps between the legs for easy diaper access.
By  "About Style"

Bubblegum Divas Long Sleeved Shirt 

Our Long Sleeve Tops in 24 months runs true, but is 100% Cotton.  

When in Doubt: In my experience most little kids have different body shapes.  When in doubt ask your favorite designer for a sizing chart. Sizes can vary based on brand, fabric content, and designer cuts. 

 Bubblegum Divas offers different sizing charts based on shirt types.

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